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zhu and dark statue. "Chuckled, priest on May satisfactory for Nie Feng nodded, apparently for Nie Feng state at this time, months priest is quite satisfied. "Dark statue? ""Until you are in a coma, so I do not know it, that alone offerings before, has become a million drug Valley, one double statue, although MBT Schuhe Kaufen not for the respect they reveal in the past, but that is indeed formidable strength alone offerings, but also thanks to him, before eliminating the million drug Valley doom, so million drug Valley are in favor of this proposal Guzhu. ""Dark respect you?But indeed, on the strength and insight, deep respect for independent seniors really enough. "For offerings strength alone, but did not suspect Nie Feng, no doubt, before the double Pavilion million drug Valley fighting between the repair is undoubtedly unique offerings is the owner MBT Sandalen Damen of the ringleader. "Kid, the original old woman thought that you just nothing good life, but did not realize you actually have to be able to endure all drugs are absorbed million drug Wan extent, it seems a little old woman also look down on you. "Side of the flower mother, also in this case, the negative side to side against Nie Feng said. "Seen flowers mother. "Heard her mother talking flowers, Nie Feng then remember, he has been only a month and a priest at the saying, and this actually forgot one million drug Valley veterans salute. "Hey, kid, do not come to this old woman, and your heart is anxious old woman afraid to die before right?After all, before the old woman no less tortured you, but understand that to tell you, before you do not MBT Schuhe Billig regret the old woman poisoned torture you, but unfortunately there is no next time the old woman put your poison venom out, otherwise I would not lose a family a gold silk insanity king. ""Golden silk insanity king? "Hear the words of her mother flowers, hearts Nie Feng suddenly jump, gold silk insanity, has also been heard before Nie Feng Zhi Feng faint mentioned, it is extremely difficult to cultivate a poison, as can be said in the gold sil
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