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nk, like most Indian emperor to order such intermediate martial I now also able to master, and that it should also be advanced to grasp it? "See Yan Huang will be able to come out so freely, Nie Feng not surprised, after all, already accustomed Nie Feng Yan Huang Meng coming out.A middle ground and ground-order martial martial superiors simply not be able to in the same breath, watching only a difference of a gap, but in fact the gap, but it is as quenching body repair persons and repair those gaps to order the same, do not think only a difference of a level so simple, not to mention your Heart was just one step higher levels of Heart fills, it is not possible to order support from superiors martial consumption.Hear the words of Emperor Yan, Nie Feng suddenly burst chills, so think about it, just that, big hands off days Luo Feng Nie indeed consume enormous amount of strength, we can say, Nie Feng today's third Chongjiu jianjue Heart, simply can not afford such a terrible consumption of MBT Schuhe Kaufen support, if not the words of King MBT Sandalen Damen Wu Wen, Nie Feng had already been moves back to bite it. "If it is not your body King Wu pattern, then I'm afraid this time you are dead, but if you want to rely on King Wu Wen, sooner or later you will be one day behind the moves that have been consumed bite, after all your Heart, grade is too low, abandon it, now you can not control it to order the superior martial art. ""Maybe this is it, but I still have to grasp the hand of this great off-day Romania, since King Wu Wen able to help me, not a good try, how can? "Indifferent smile, for the Yan Huang let yourself give up practicing this great off-day Romania hand, Nie Feng is disapproval, see Nie Feng look, Yan Huang suddenly cold down his face, then to sneer: "strike, since you do not listen to the emperor the words, then you go to practice it on their own. "Finished, Yan Huang on the technology for a mbt sandalen kisumu damen dark light disappeared, should have been returned to their own little world within, and after listening to the words of Yan Huang Nie maple eyes
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